Farmers Market

Indoor Farmers Market: Saturday & Sunday

Outdoor Farmer's Market: Sunday Only

Make our year round farmer's market a weekly stop and get great deals on fresh meats, produce, groceries & snack foods. Enjoy delicious food for eat in or take out and browse our numerous vendors and find that perfect gem you've been searching for. From household & practical to collectible or antique. There's always something new when you take a second look.

Browse our vendor registry for a complete list of vendors located in our outdoor & indoor year round farmers market.

Outdoor farmer's market Sunday only.


Flea Market

Outdoor Flea Market:

Sunday Only

Our outdoor flea market continues to be an fun filled destination for collectors, bargain hunters and anyone out for a stroll on a Sunday. The early bird catches the worm out in the field and you never know what you'll find. Folks from near and far come to wheel and deal treasures new and old.

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Auction House

Auction House:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Think you're lucky?

Place your bid.

The Gilbertsville Auction holds hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday with all kinds of goods from new merchandise to collectibles & antiques. Tailgaters throughout the weekend and yard sales on 5th weekend of the month.

Got a rumblin' for some great home cookin'?

The Auction Cafe has fresh dishes prepared daily!

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